Tips for Getting Rid of Summer Pests

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Nothing ruins a night like spotting a bedbug in the sleeping area or a cockroach scurrying across your floor. Nobody wants an unwelcomed guest inside their homes – and it’s even worse if they are pests. Indoor pests are not only annoying, or scary to look at, but they are destructive; posing a threat to your home interior and livelihood. Read on to learn of a few tips for getting rid of damaging pests this summer.


Bedbugs are dangerous insects that feed on human and animal blood. Bugs are active at night and inactive during the daytime; therefore, your bed, furniture, carpet, and clothes can be their hideout.

Symptoms of Bedbug Bites

Some people develop noticeable symptoms when bitten by bedbugs, and the bites tend to be:

  • Red and swollen, with dark spots at the middle of every bite
  • Arranged in clusters or lines, with multiple bites grouped together
  • Itchiness

How to Prevent Bedbugs

If you are tired of bugs here are simple tips for getting rid of them:

  • Buy a mattress encasement or protector: Use a Mattress encasement when moving or storing your mattress to prevent critters from making a nest in it.
  • Store clothes in sealed airtight container: Bedbugs migrate from one habitat to another, therefore, store clothes in sealed containers to prevent them from living on them.
  • Reduce clutter: Fewer corners and cracks mean fewer home for bedbugs, minimize them for significant benefits.
  • Keep the hard surfaces clean: Regularly clean your furniture and house to remove or kill eggs that might be getting ready to hatch there.
  • Be wary of secondhand goods: Check every inch of furniture with a flashlight before bringing any used goods to your home


Cockroaches get into everything and multiply rapidly, worse still, they can survive for several weeks without food and water; therefore, they pose a lot of challenges. However, with the right practices and tools, you can eradicate them.

Tips for Getting Rid of Cockroaches

You can remove cockroaches from your home using simple tips:

  • Boric Acid: Apply boric acid powder on the problem area according to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply more on cracks and crevices as the cockroaches often travel in them. With boric acid, you are assured of their removal as they will absorb the poison into their bodies through their legs when crawling and die instantly.
  • Clean to get rid of cockroaches: Eliminate what attracts cockroaches by cleaning the hiding places and removing food and water sources.
  • Monitor cockroaches with glue boards: Monitor the progress of your cockroach treatment using glue boards. Put the glue boards in the following areas: Inside and beneath cabinets in kitchen and bathroom, behind toilets, beneath appliances. Check the glue traps weekly to monitor your progress.

Dust Mites

Your mattress is moist and warm; therefore, a bouncy breeding area for dust mites. Notably, dust mites trigger asthma, allergic, and other related bacterial infections. However, if you wash your beddings regularly, you are likely to prevent such infections.

Tips for Preventing Dust Mites

  • Air your mattress daily: Air your mattress to remove odors and dry it out as dust mites love warm and moist areas. Alternatively, you can open the window to let in clean air and sunshine.
  • Wash and change your sheets weekly: You are allergic to dust mites if you experience symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose. However, you can control the symptoms by washing your bed sheets using hot water and drying thoroughly to kill allergens.


Termites are destructive when they infest a home; however, you can get rid of them by relying on some simple tips.

Tips for Getting Rid of Termites

You are likely to eradicate termites using these tips:

  • Expose your wood to sunlight: Place your furniture outside on a sunny day to let heat and light kill the termites
  • Try nematodes: Buy the beneficial nematodes and use it to kill termites in 48hours
  • Freeze the termites: If you live in a rainy area, consider freezing the termites as an alternative for exposing them to sunlight.

The Verdict

Besides being scary, pests are dangerous because they cause both physical and mental damages. Pests such as cockroaches and bedbugs can be difficult to eliminate because they hide during the day and show up at night. However, consistency in maintaining house cleanliness can help you prevent their multiplication. Importantly, check second-hand items for pests before bringing them into your house. Otherwise you will regret saving money when you later incur a cost of removing the pests.


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Stephanie James