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Eligibility & Member Types


Eligibility for NARI Atlanta membership requires that the company applicant be in business for one full year prior to application, actively engaged in the remodeling industry and agree to abide by the NARI Code of Ethics and Bylaws.

In considering your application NARI Atlanta will verify your business license and contractors license (if applicable), verify your insurance coverage, and perform a company background check for lawsuits, judgments, and liens.

The Board of Directors meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month (except December) and all pending applications are reviewed at that time. Once approved by the Board, we will notify NARI National of your enrollment. If your application is not approved, your dues payment, minus a $65 processing fee, will be refunded.

NARI National will send you a packet with information on all of the current NARI programs, as well as other useful information on how to make the most of your NARI membership.

There is an application fee of $615.00 to be considered for Membership. If approved, this application fee will be applied as your annual dues payment. The annual dues payment includes Atlanta Chapter Dues ($395.00) and NARI National Dues ($220.00).

Or you have the option to enroll in a payment plan for your annual dues. The first payment is $220 (to cover NARI National dues) followed by 3 quarterly payments of $135. If you would like to enroll in the monthly payment plan, please select "Pay by Invoice" after you have completed the online application, then contact the NARI Atlanta office to complete your enrollment.

Contractor Member

A company whose primary function relates directly to residential remodeling. This includes general contractors, specialty contractors, handyman services, etc. Membership status and benefits are bestowed on all employees of the company. Annual dues are $615.00.

*Requires a valid Georgia Residential/General Contractor or Specialty Contractor License, as applicable.

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Associate Member

Trade subcontractors, manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, lenders, publishers, wholesalers, distributors, organizations, and other companies with an interest in the remodeling industry. Membership status and benefits are bestowed on all employees of the company. Annual dues are $630.00.

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Student Member

Students enrolled in an accredited high school, vocational training school, or college level program and who are concentrating on a curriculum relevant to the remodeling industry. Annual dues are $40.

Student Members are encouraged to participate in as many NARI Atlanta events as possible. Engaging with professionals who are currently working in the remodeling industry, and volunteering on a committee or at an event are great ways to ensure that you begin your career one step ahead of your peers.

Student Members are not eligible to vote.

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Retired Member

Any individual that has been a NARI member for 10+ consecutive years and is fully retired from the remodeling/building industry, may request the distinction of Retired Member. Annual dues are waived.

Retired Members are encouraged to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per year with NARI Atlanta. This can include serving on a committee, attending events/meetings, etc.

Retired Members are not eligible to vote.

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Honorary Member

Charitable organizations, educational institutions, and other companies specifically approved by the Board of Directors for an honorary membership. Membership status and benefits are bestowed on all employees of the company. Annual dues are waived.

Honorary Members are not eligible to vote.

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