"The EPG"

When you think of "Emerging Professionals" what comes to mind? Is it someone who’s already successful and started climbing the ladder? Or is it someone in college just getting their toes wet in the water of the remodeling and construction ocean?

The EPG was created and founded on the principal that we have all had a "day one" in this industry. Our purpose is to help NARI Atlanta members who are 35 years old or younger or are within their first 5 years in the industry (regardless of age), to achieve their full potential by offering a place to meet other NARI members with the same goals. We aspire to increase their chances of enjoying their chosen field by offering support, mentoring, and introducing them to NARI members with industry experience, who they can look to for guidance.

If you are just getting into the industry or have been working for a few years and want to immerse yourself in the day to day operations of the industry, are looking for like-minded career driven people to share your successes, questions, and goals with, then you should join The EPG.

If you are a NARI member with significant industry experience, a passion for mentoring the next generation, willing to share your own experiences, help foster personal development, and be open about challenges you've faced or continue to face in your career, then you should become a Mentor for The EPG.

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