Donate to Build Reuse

Industry Insider,

It's estimated that we will double our total building stock over the next 40 years. Its also said that 1/3rd of our present  buildings will come down in the next 30 years. 

Imagine 1/3 of the buildings in your neighborhood, town, or city, being demolished and the materials landfilled. Imagine that at the same time our forests and other resources continue to be mined for new materials.

Meanwhile, many local communities lack economic opportunities, face under-employment of our marginalized populations, and are dealing with thousands of blighted homes. 

To combat this, NARI Atlanta is part of a waste diversion pilot program exploring methods of carefully deconstructing buildings and reusing the materials in other projects.

Also, please consider supporting the Build Reuse Fundly Campaign.  Build Reuse is about giving communities the tools to reinvest those materials in ways that create jobs in deconstruction and reuse centers, create economic opportunity for small local businesses, remove blight, and save resources. 

Just a small donation of $10, $20 would help reach the $30,000 goal to continue the work of Build Reuse and the Atlanta Pilot. 

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