NARI Atlanta Membership Award Winners

Industry Insider,

NARI Atlanta, a key chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, brings together professionals from Atlanta's vibrant remodeling community. As we celebrate our members' achievements, we're reminded of the talent and dedication within our ranks. It's that time of year where we recognize members who have gone above and beyond for NARI Atlanta and their fellow members.

Rookie of The Year: Our first award, the Rookie of The Year, is presented to VaVia. This award recognizes a member within their first two years of membership who has shown active participation in various chapter activities. The team from VaVia has attended almost every event, served on multiple committees, promoted NARI broadly, and regularly helped recruit members and sponsors.

Supplier of the Year: The next award, Supplier of the Year, goes to Pella Window & Door of Georgia, represented by Brian Robbins. This award honors a Supplier member who has demonstrated a strong commitment to NARI, the professional remodeling industry, and their communities. We had the opportunity to speak with Brian about his NARI Atlanta experience:

  • Brian Robbins on NARI's Influence: "NARI has helped us network with our industry peers, discuss current market conditions, best practices, and develop new partnerships. We are able to grow our business and relationships by being a NARI member."
  • On Supporting the Atlanta Chapter: "With the sponsorship of NARI, we get more exposure to industry peers, leading to new partnerships with great remodeling and replacement companies, all while helping NARI continue to put on the networking events that everyone loves."
  • NARI Activities Participation: "The annual golf tournament and NARI nights are always a great way to meet people in the industry and gain connections."
  • On Recruitment of New Members: "Recruiting new members allows us to network with additional companies similar to ours and create new relationships. We have many great partnerships with wonderful businesses through our involvement with NARI."
  • Impact of Good Community Relations: "Having an association that focuses on positive exposure and brand recognition in the community helps all NARI members. It gives our clients comfort knowing they are working with someone they can trust, part of a trusted industry group like NARI."

Peck Kehler Volunteer of the Year Award: The Peck Kehler Volunteer of the Year Award goes to Renee Jones of Renee Jones Interiors, Inc. This award celebrates individuals who exemplify selflessness, dedication, and enthusiasm in their volunteer work. Renee graciously shared her thoughts on her NARI Atlanta experience:

  • Incorporating NARI Standards: "In every prospective client meeting, I mention I’m an active member of the NARI Atlanta chapter. This gives me access to highly qualified contractors and vendors and helps me stay current with the latest services and products."
  • Involvement in NARI Committees: "After joining NARI, I was placed on the Golf Committee, our annual fundraiser for NARI Cares. I enjoy meeting people and helping out wherever needed, even learning to drive a golf cart!"
  • Leadership Development: "Being among the great leaders in our industry in the Atlanta Chapter is humbling. I learn by asking questions and listening, which helps in making meaningful connections."
  • Maintaining Enthusiasm: "I naturally enjoy meeting new people and learning from successful individuals in our industry, which keeps me enthusiastic about volunteering."
  • Receiving the Peck Kehler Award: "Receiving this award is an honor. The respect and admiration for Peck Kehler in our community are profound. Winning this award was a truly humbling and honored experience."

Brad Cruickshank Leadership Award: The Brad Cruickshank Leadership Award is presented to BeckySue Becker of Designs by BSB. This award honors an individual who has shown exceptional leadership and dedication to NARI Atlanta. Becky shared her insights:

  • Qualities of a Leader: "Strong leaders lead by example, embracing accountability and fostering growth in others. They reflect on successes and failures to motivate and collaborate for the best solutions."
  • Challenging Moment: "Taking over as chairperson of the CotY Awards with only 6 months’ notice was challenging. I relied on my experience and the diverse skills of other members, leading to a successful event."
  • Advice to Future Board Members: "Be accountable, engage in board meetings, attend NARI Nights, and share your thoughts for improvements. Our leadership values diverse perspectives."

Jesse Morado Distinguished Service Award: The Jesse Morado Distinguished Service Award this year goes to Larry Hazenfield. Larry shared:

  • Reflections on NARI Involvement: "The most important thing for an Associate member is to serve and contribute to the organization's growth. Our company grew significantly through our involvement with NARI. I look forward to being involved as a retired member."

President's Award: The President's Award is presented to Kris Griffin of Prestige Construction & Remodeling, LLC. Kris's involvement in NARI Atlanta, especially his contributions to The Cutting Edge Committee and his role as Treasurer, has made him an invaluable asset to our Chapter.

We hope you will be inspired by these amazing NARI Atlanta members, and next year, you just might see your name associated with one of these prestigious awards!