Celebrating Excellence: Insights from NARI Atlanta's National CotY Award Winners

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Celebrating Excellence: Insights from NARI Atlanta's National CotY Award Winners

NARI Atlanta is thrilled to spotlight the achievements and insights of our three National Contractor of the Year (CotY) award winners. Their dedication and expertise have won them prestigious awards and set a benchmark in the remodeling industry. Here's what they shared about their experience and what these awards mean to them.

Sunshine on a Ranney Day: Pioneers of Accessible Remodeling

When Sunshine on a Ranney Day was announced as the National CotY Award Winner for Universal Design-Bathroom, the team felt a profound sense of accomplishment. "We were thrilled and overjoyed," they shared, emphasizing the national recognition as a testament to their commitment to excellence in accessible remodeling. Joining NARI Atlanta in 2020, this was their first time entering the competition, bringing home three local, two regional, and one national awards—a remarkable debut that underscores their authority in the accessible residential remodel space.

Sunshine on a Ranney Day specializes in transforming spaces for children with special needs, offering wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, dream bedrooms, and in-home therapy rooms at no cost to families. Their NARI membership has fostered valuable partnerships and continual educational opportunities, enhancing their service impact.

Stephenson Construction: Design and Build Experts

For Stephenson Construction, a company specializing in comprehensive design and build remodeling services, winning the National CotY award was a moment of validation. "It was a huge sense of accomplishment and validation," remarked the team. Their specialization in high-end basements, kitchens, and baths for the North Metro Atlanta area has made them a preferred choice among residents seeking quality and reliability.

Becoming a NARI member in 2022 has allowed Stephenson Construction to maintain high industry standards and forge significant business relationships, which are invaluable for their ongoing success. Their award-winning projects enhance their reputation and motivate their team, knowing they contribute to a winning environment.

SCAL: Over 40 Years of Design and Construction Excellence

Small Carpenters At Large , a veteran NARI member with over 25 years of membership, specializes in custom residential remodeling in the Atlanta/Decatur areas. Winning a National CotY Award is more than an honor; it recognizes their longstanding commitment to producing top-tier design and construction. "It is a great honor to have our work recognized by our peers," they expressed. The award has boosted their marketing, strengthened team morale, and reinforced their reputation for quality.

NARI has played a crucial role in SCAL's growth, providing a platform to connect with peers, showcase their projects, and celebrate their accomplishments.

Through these conversations, it's clear that being a part of NARI Atlanta elevates a business's standing within the industry and nurtures a community of professionals dedicated to excellence. Each of these award-winning companies showcases the profound impact that dedication, quality, and collaboration can have in the remodeling industry. Congratulations to all our National CotY award winners!