Permits and Renovations

Homeowner Tips,

What is NARI? 

NARI is the National Association of Remodeling Industry, a non-profit membership association for contractors, designers, manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers. NARI verifies the liegitimacy of local remodeling contractors and vendors.  They provide assurance and security via their internal Ethics Committee. NARI is committed to "Advancing and Promoting the Remodeling Industry's Professionalism,  Product and Vital Public Purpose."

Choosing a Contractor

After a homeowner decides on plans for their remodeling project, most jobs will require a contractor.  Some contractors may not be the best choice just becuase they come in with a lower bid for your job.  It is essential to ask your friends, family and neighbors for recommendations, look at references, and most importantly, find out if a contractor is a NARI member. Knowing your contractor is a NARI member will assure you that they are licensed, trusted and professional. 


Building codes are established by cities, towns and/or counties and vary considerably from one jurisdiction to another.  The intricate details of local building codes and permits should be familiar to a professional remodeling contractor who regularly works in your community.  Once a permit is filed, the contractor must wait until the permit is issued and approved before construction work can begin.  There are likely to be significant financial penalties resulting from any failure to file for required permits. 

Worth the Wait

The high demand for renovations and the strain of supply chain issues is resulting in very long waits for homeowners and their newly remodeled dream home. Our word of caution is this: don't be fooled by a contractor who tells you they can start right away or that you dont need a permit. A contractor who follows the rules will be reliable, responsible and most certainly worth waiting for. 

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