Eligibility for NARI Atlanta membership requires that the company applicant be in business for one full year prior to application, actively engaged in the remodeling industry and agree to abide by the NARI Code of Ethics and Bylaws. In considering your application NARI Atlanta will perform a background check for lawsuits, judgments, verify licensure, and liens.

The Board of Directors meets every month and all new applications are reviewed at the board meetings. Once approved by the Board, the application is sent to NARI National. NARI National will then send you a packet with information on all of the current NARI programs, as well as other useful information on how to make the most of your new NARI membership.

There is an application fee of $565 to be considered for Membership. If approved this application fee will be used for your yearly dues. Your application will not be considered by the NARI Atlanta Board of Directors until your application fee has been paid in full.