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Friday, March 26

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC), which was created to encourage employers to keep their workforce intact during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been with us for a year. But questions about it remain for many employers. With the new American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) extending the credit and expanding eligibility — and the credit worth as much as $28,000 per employee for 2021 — employers should brush up on the details. Find out more.

Thursday, March 18

The SBA has issued a news release extending deferment periods on all of its disaster loans, including COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL). Small businesses that received an EIDL do not have to start making payments on the loan until 2022. Read more.

Monday, March 8

PPP Updates from the IRS and SBA

New forms for First-Draw & Second-Draw Applications, Schedule C filers, and lender applications. 

New rules for Self-employed Individuals.

Guidance on the Employee Retention Credit for PPP Borrowers.

Breaking Down the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA): What You Need to Know

Tuesday, January 26

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA) includes the Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2020 (TCDTR), which extends and expands, among many other items, the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) originally provided by section 2301 of the CARES Act. The ERC provisions were set to expire on December 31, 2020, but Sections 206 and 207 of the TCDTR extend the credit to eligible employers through June 30, 2021.

Enhanced ERC Eligibility and Key Changes

The ERC is a refundable employment tax credit for employers whose:

  • Operations were fully or partially suspended due to a COVID-19-related governmental shutdown order; OR
  • Gross receipts decreased by more than 20% when comparing either the current quarter or the prior quarter to the same quarter in 2019 (previously a 50% decrease under the CARES Act).
  • Keep reading

Thursday, January 14

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA) was signed into law in late December. The sprawling legislation contains billions of dollars in additional stimulus funding in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as numerous unrelated provisions. Here is a closer look at the provisions that are most likely to affect your company’s bottom line. Read More.


Friday, December 4

IRS Provides Further Clarification on PPP Tax Deductions

The IRS and the Treasury Department have issued further guidance on the tax treatment of expenses related to the PPP. The most recent guidance clarified that even if a taxpayer’s PPP loan has not been forgiven by the end of 2020, the associated expenses should not be deducted in 2020 unless there is a reasonable expectation the loan will not be forgiven in the future.  

The IRS released Revenue Ruling 2020-27 to address situations where a loan is not yet forgiven but might be in the future. In the ruling, two scenarios are detailed for businesses who used PPP loan proceeds to pay for eligible expenses such as payroll and mortgage interest, which are typically tax-deductible expenses...Continue Reading

Monday, November 2

2020 Year-End Tax Planning Strategies: What Individuals Need to Know

Like so many things this year, the recommended practices for your annual end-of-the-year tax planning reflect the COVID-19 pandemic and its far-flung effects. The economic impact, as well as federal relief packages like the CARES Act, may render some tried-and-true strategies for reducing your income tax liability less advisable for 2020.

Adding to the uncertainty is the outcome of the presidential election. It could result in new federal tax legislation that trims or even repeals the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Regardless of the election results, here are some year-end tax planning issues and actions to consider. Continue reading.

Monday, October 12

On October 8th the U.S. Department of the Treasury and U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) released a streamlined PPP loan forgiveness application — Form 3508S — for businesses who borrowed $50,000 or less. The new application makes the forgiveness process significantly easier for borrowers that fall into this category. All borrowers who received $50,000 or less in PPP loans are eligible to use this application, unless those borrowers, together with their affiliates, received loans totaling $2 million or more. The SBA also released instructions for borrowers using Form 3508S. Read more.

Thursday, September 10

CARES Act Retirement Plan Distributions and Loans: The Latest Guidance for Your Business

Friday, September 4

SBA Issues New PPP Loan Forgiveness Guidance on Owner-Employee Compensation

On August 25th the SBA and Treasury released new guidance related to owner-employee compensation and the eligibility of nonpayroll costs. There are three important takeaways from this interim final rule, click here to read more

Thursday, September 3

New Guidance Issued on Executive Action Regarding Payroll Taxes

On August 28, the IRS issued guidance that provides some explanation of how employers can defer withholding and remitting an employee’s share of Social Security tax when wages are below a certain amount. The guidance was issued to implement President Trump’s executive action signed in early August.

The guidance is brief, and private employers still have questions about whether, and how, to implement the deferral. The President’s action only defers Social Security taxes; it doesn’t forgive them, meaning employees will have to pay the taxes later unless Congress passes a law to eliminate the liability. Read more

Tuesday, September 1

As we enter the final months of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring uncertainty to the economic landscape and many businesses are feeling the financial impact. Implementing cash flow and tax planning strategies is essential in setting yourself up for a faster recovery. Click here for a checklist of 6 cash flow planning strategies and 3 tax strategies to consider. 

Tuesday, August 18

Don't forget: you are required to post the Family First Coronavirus Response Act Notice (FFCRA) next to your labor law posters or you can print copies and give them to your employees. Download the poster here

Monday, August 17

COVID-19 Liability: What Employers Need to Know

As businesses continue to reopen their doors, some employers are concerned about potential liability if an employee becomes infected with COVID-19 while at work. However, this isn't the only liability issue employers need to consider. Issues related to discrimination, leave, and privacy may also be a concern. Read more. 

Thursday, August 13

How to Account for PPP Loans in Your Financial Statements

As companies spend the last of the proceeds of their PPP loans and prepare to apply for loan forgiveness, you may have questions about how to account for the loans and their forgiveness.

Like most everything that has happened in the past 5 months, uncertainty exists with the PPP because there is no direct guidance about how to account for these loans under the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). However, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has recently issued guidance to assist companies in accounting for their PPP loans and their subsequent forgiveness, when applicable. That guidance has provided several options for companies to consider. Continue reading...

Wednesday, August 12

Executive Action Defers Payroll Taxes - What Employers Need to Know

On August 8th, President Trump signed an executive memorandum that defers an employee’s portion of Social Security and Medicare taxes from September 1 through December 31, 2020. At this point, the taxes are just deferred, meaning they’ll still have to be paid at a later date. However, the action directs U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to “explore avenues, including legislation, to eliminate the obligation to pay the taxes.”

Deferral details
The payroll tax deferral will be available for “any employee the amount of whose wages or compensation, as applicable, payable during any bi-weekly pay period generally is less than $4,000.” Continue reading.

Monday, August 10

PPP Forgiveness Applications Open Today: What Your Business Needs to Know

Am I Required to Provide Facemasks for Employees? & Other FAQs

As we return to the workplace amid the ongoing pandemic, you may have questions about the use of face coverings to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Click here for answers to some of the most common questions about face coverings in the workplace.

Latest COVID-19 Information for metro Atlanta. 

BUILD: Sandy Springs Seminars is a series of seminars presented by the Community Development department intended to educate the public on the current policies, procedures and expectations of the City of Sandy Springs as it relates to construction within the jurisdiction. Learn More.

Thursday, August 6

The Sandy Springs Permit Office is closed until further notice. 

Thursday, July 23

How to Keep Your Team Motivated During Uncertain Times

It can be difficult to stay motivated when you, and your employees, are faced with uncertainty. Whether working on the frontlines or from home, employees who are concerned about their future may be distracted. In this episode, we'll talk about how you can keep your employees motivated through challenging times. Click here to listen. Presented by HR{preneur}

Wednesday, July 15

Employee Relations in the Time of COVID Another timley webinar from NARI Atlanta member Sparks Law Practice. Thursday 7/16 @ 12 pm. Register Here.

Tuesday, July 7

"What is going on with the PPP now?!" NARI Atlanta member Sparks Law Practice is hosting a free webinar that will cover the current status of the PPP. Register Here.

Thursday, July 2

House Passes Extension for PPP Loan Applications

On Wednesday, July 1st the House passed a bill to extend the deadline to apply for a small business loan through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The new legislation, approved by the Senate on June 30th, extends the deadline to request PPP loans from June 30, 2020, to August 8, 2020. The bill now awaits the President's signature.

Lawmakers unanimously supported this deadline extension with the PPP having more than $130 billion in allocated loan money that has yet to be spent...Read More

Wednesday, July 1

Tomorrow at 12PM, NARI Atlanta Member Sparks Law Practice will re-play their webinar on how to ensure your PPP Loan is forgiven. 

Click Here to Register

Tuesday, June 30

COVID-19 In Session State Legislative Report

COVID-19 Adjourned State Legislative Report

COVID-19 Federal Legislative Report

Reports provided by PolicyEngage

Friday, June 26

The Treasury Department and the SBA have issued additional PPP loan forgiveness guidance in the form of revisions to prior interim final rules. The big takeaway from this guidance is that borrowers may now apply for PPP loan forgiveness before the end of their covered periods if the borrower has used all of the PPP loan proceeds for which it is requesting forgiveness. While this does not change the end of your selected 8-week or 24-week covered period, borrowers may now assess when to apply to receive maximum loan forgiveness and do not have to wait until the end of their covered periods.

However, there is a more.

Thursday, June 25

NARI Atlanta Member Firesign Design Build has a 26' Parallam beam for sale, located in Brookhaven. Great for a new build or addition! Contact Kimberly Lacy-Lightford if interested 202-374-4349.

Wednesday, June 24

Re-Opening of EIDL Program - more details

Many small businesses turned to the EIDL program after facing trouble with the rocky rollout of the Paycheck Protection Program. The EIDL program allows small businesses to apply for disaster loans that can be used to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills that the company is not able to pay because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes items that are not already covered by the popular $649 billion PPP loan program, if applicable. In addition, the EIDL program includes an emergency advance of up to $10,000 ($1,000 per employee), which does not require repayment even if the company is denied a loan. Read more.

Tuesday, June 23

Weekly COVID-19 Legislative Reports from PolicyEngage

COVID-19 In-Session State Legislative Report

COVID-19 Adjourned State Legislative Report

COVID-19 Federal Legislative Report

COVID-19 Major Enacted State and Federal Legislative Action Center

Monday, June 22

SBA is now accepting new Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and EIDL Advance applications from qualified small businesses and U.S. agricultural businesses. Small business owners are able to apply for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan advance of up to $10,000. This advance is designed to provide economic relief to businesses that are currently experiencing a temporary loss of revenue. This loan advance will not have to be repaid. Recipients do not have to be approved for a loan in order to receive the advance, but the amount of the loan advance will be deducted from total loan eligibility. Learn More and Apply.

COVID-19 Training for Employees: A Certificate for Healthy Workspaces - Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer Michele Mathews will show your employees how to stay safe and reduce risk in the workplace. By registering all your employees, you can create a foundation of common practices, terminology, and documentation. And employees will feel more comfortable knowing their colleagues have received comprehensive training in safety protocols. Learn More and Register. 

HR Tip of the Week - Workplace Safety and COVID-19: Know Your Responsibilities brought to you by ADP

Tuesday, June 16

HR Tip of the Week: Reducing Employees' Hours During COVID-19 brought to you by ADP

Reducing employees' regular work hours can help lower costs and avoid layoffs during difficult times, however, you'll need to keep in mind wage and hour law compliance, eligibility for unemployment and benefits, loan forgiveness under the Paycheck Protection Program, and employee morale. Read More.

Monday, June 15

Tax Relief for Employers: Changes to Your 2nd Quarter Form 941

When the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) was issued in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it introduced new wage benefits for employees. These benefits, in turn, created new tax credits and tax relief for employers. Due to these changes, Form 941, the Employer’s Quarterly Tax Form used to report employment taxes, was updated and is being implemented in the second quarter of 2020. Read More.

COVID-19 State Legislative Report

COVID-19 Federal Legislative Report

COVID-19 State and Federal Legislative Action Center

Thursday, June 11

Checkout these podcasts covering relevant HR issues:

How to Engage Customers as the Economy Reopens

Reopening Your Business as COVID-19 Restrictions Ease

Coping with COVID-19: An Employer's Guide to Workplace Stress

COVID-19 Guidance for Employers

Courtesy of HR{preneur} by ADP

Wednesday, June 10

Read this important article that explains the recently passed PPP Flexibility Act and clarifies the changes to the "payroll cost rule." Article courtesy of Moore Colson CPAs and Advisors.

Monday, June 8

Georgia State and Local Tax Alerts | May 2020

COVID-19 State Legislative Report

COVID-19 Federal Legislative Report

Sunday, June 7

Top Takeaways last week from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

May's job report showed the economy is beginning to recover, but recovery is uneven across industries and communities. Read more.

The COVID-19 outbreak hit both sides of the Atlantic hard, as the UK, Italy, Spain, and France weathered particularly severe outbreaks. Despite the challenges, Scandinavian children are returning to school, German soccer is back, and Greece is set to welcome tourists to its beaches. With communities around the United States beginning to reopen, Europe can offer important lessons for a gradual economic restart. View the Global Dashboard on COVID-19 Government Policies.

It will be crucial for companies to enforce COVID-19 policies with customers. Learn more.

Small Business Coronavirus Impact Poll released on June 3rd. 

ADP has a comprehensive Reopening Your Business FAQ page, including info on When, How, and Who, and on employees rights when it comes to leave requests. Click here for more.

Also, check out these 10 Practices that Could Land You in Hot Water During COVID-19

Effective Leadership in Times of Uncertainty - This blog post from NARI Atlanta member GuildQuality offers tips for employers in dealing with employees and the public, as businesses begin to reopen. 

Update to PPP Loan Program Gives Businesses More Flexibility - article from Houzz.

Thursday, June 4

On June 3rd the Senate passed the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Flexibility Act of 2020, which was passed by the House on May 27, 2020. It now merely awaits the President’s signature to become law.

Small businesses across America advocated for the passage of the PPP Flexibility Act, claiming the need for increased flexibility for companies still struggling to emerge from COVID-19 related closings. The bill modifies several key provisions related to the forgiveness of PPP loans. With these provisions in mind, the guidance needed to manage PPP loan funds and optimize loan forgiveness has changed considerably. Read this blog post to find out what you need to know to best manage your PPP loan funds and set your business up for a faster recovery. 

Disclaimer: This information was correct at the time of publication; however, new guidance from government agencies may be issued at any time, causing some or all of this information to change.

Moore Colson CPAs and Advisors is NARI Atlanta's accounting firm.

Tuesday, June 2

Free Webinars Next Week!

How to Create Instant Cash-flow by Leveraging CARES Act and R&D Tax Credits
Thursday, June 11th @ 1 pm

Overwhelmed by recent legislation surrounding COVID-19?  You are not alone.  Join ADP as they unpack the benefits provided to small businesses through the CARES Act as well as other tax credit opportunities such as the Research & Development Tax Credit.  There are numerous strategies to put cash back into the coffers of small businesses during these challenging times and they will review the various options and how they work together to help your business survive. Learn More and Register. Presented by ADP.

Boost Remodeling Sales by Offering Payment Options
Wednesday, June 10th @ 1 pm

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are gradually opening back up across the country and life is starting to normalize. Are you ready? NARI is proud to present a must-see webinar to help you bounce back and continue to grow your remodeling business. Did you know that offering payment options to 100% of your customers 100% of the time can help you increase leads, nearly double your close rate, grow your average project size by 44%, prevent cancellations, and get you more referrals? Now, more than ever, your clients need the flexibility and confidence that comes with smarter ways to pay. Learn More and Register. Presented by NARI National.

Monday, June 1

COVID-19 State Legislative Report

COVID-19 Federal Legislative Report

COVID-19 Major Enacted Federal Legislative Action Center

Reports provided by Policy Engage

Wednesday, May 27


If you are not able to register before the session fills up, it will be live streaming on Facebook, as well. Sparks Law Practice is a NARI Atlanta member.

Sunday, May 17

Gwinnett Technical College is currently having an online plant sale that includes numerous shrubs needed by landscapers and many other Spring plants. The Sale lasts indefinitely, until everything is gone. Wholesale prices and some below wholesale. Start Shopping!

Here's How It Works

  1. Got to the website and place your order
    1. Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX are accepted by the site for payment
  2. Select a pick-up time-
    1. In the purchase process you will be asked to select a day with a dropdown menu. 
    2. While it will list every day for the next week, only choose Thursday or Saturday.
    3. Select a time:  Thursdays 12-2 pm.  Saturdays 10 am – 12 noon.  These are the only available times.
  3. Pick up is in the parking lot at building 600.  See map below.
    1. Social Distancing will be maintained during pick-up.
    2. Your order will be placed on the side walk with an identifying pick-up tag.
    3. We will point out your order and allow you to load.
    4. In order to maintain distancing and due to the very limited staff, loading assistance will only be offered if absolutely necessary.


  • We have an extremely limited staff at the moment.  No students on campus currently.
  • We will be wearing masks and have hand sanitizer available.
  • No access to greenhouse or buildings.  Sorry no browsing for plants, only online sales.
  • Pick-up times will only be Thursdays 12-2 pm or Saturdays 10 am – 12 pm.  Order now! The first pick-up will begin on May 2nd and lasts until sold out.

Wednesday, May 13

Clean Fill Dirt Available!

HammerSmith is excavating a project in Druid Hills and has 15 to 20 truckloads of clean fill dirt available. We would love to find a location close by that needs it. Please text or email if interested or if you know of someone who might need it.

Thank you!
404-886-0847 cell

Warner McConaughey 
HammerSmith, Inc
807 Church Street
Decatur, Georgia 30030
404.886.0847 c      404.377.1021 o

Sunday, May 10

SBA Extends Deadline for Companies to Repay PPP Loans. 

The SBA has issued guidance urging borrowers to reassess their economic need for a PPP loan under the standards established by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and PPP regulations at the time of the loan application. According to the SBA, borrowers are required to certify in good faith that their PPP loan request is necessary. If appropriate, any borrower that applied for a PPP loan prior to April 24, 2020, may now repay the loan in full by May 14, 2020, and not face any consequences from the SBA. Read more. 

Disclaimer: This information was correct as of May 7, 2020; however, new guidance from government agencies may be issued at any time, causing some or all of this information to change.

Friday, May 8

May is National Home Improvement Month! NARI National has put together a marketing toolkit for you to use this month to maximize your outreach to potential customers. As we adapt and change with the times, let’s take this opportunity to celebrate the remodeling industry and inspire people to re-imagine their homes—turning their “before's” into inspired “after's.”

Did You Know....NARI, with the support of U.S. Congress, established May as National Home Improvement Month in 2002. The initiative was created to celebrate home improvement and make it easier for homeowners to find experts to help them achieve their home improvement dreams.

Access the Marketing Toolkit

Check out the NARI Atlanta featured article in the Metro Atlanta CEO newsletter; on Atlanta & Sandy Springs, News Break, and on the real estate blog ATL-Properties

Download the press release here and post it to your social media!

Tuesday, May 5

IRS Denies Tax Deductions Related to PPP Loans 

NARI Atlanta's CPA Joe Coleman, tax director at Moore Colson CPAs & Advisors, explains that "the IRS isn't going to allow double dipping.  For the portion of the loan that is forgiven tax-free, any deductions related to the loan forgiveness (salaries, etc.) will not be deductible.

Example: for a business that gets $1M in a PPP loan and has it all forgiven by meeting the tests (qualified expenses, employment/compensation levels), they can't deduct the $1M worth of expenses that relate to forgiveness.  Basically, if you're not taxed on the loan, they're not allowing you to deduct the expenses. There wasn't clarity on [this] until recently."

NARI Atlanta recommends that you contact your accountant regarding this policy, as it relates to your business. 

Monday, May 4

State Contractor Licensing Board will allow online credit variance. The Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors will allow licensees a variance to satisfy the continuing education requirements under Board rules by completion of live webinars, Zoom meeting/training courses, and live online courses for fulfillment of the continuing education requirement for the June 30, 2020 renewal. Read the official notice "Continuing Education Update During COVID-19 Crisis."

Friday, May 1

NARI Atlanta commissioned a press release this week about how our members have quickly adapted to the "new normal" and why metro-Atlanta homeowners should feel confident working with a NARI Atlanta Member company. Members are encouraged to post and share the release on their website/social media and with their clients. Click here to read and download "NARI Atlanta Works with its Members to Create New Procedures and Protocols During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond."

Did you miss NARI Nights Online on April 28th? Watch the video here!

Thursday, April 30

According to the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS): The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic could change the market predictions for early 2021. Early evidence suggests an abrupt downturn in the remodeling market. Read the full article. Courtesy of Qualified Remodeler magazine.

"How to Relieve Video Call Fatigue" Read the blog post by Tricia Molloy.

Wednesday, April 29

NARI Atlanta member GuildQuality has shared a new SBA lender resource for the PPP. "How to Find the Right Bank to Help Your Business" is a webinar from the professionals at SoFi and Ernst & Young. Watch it here.

Thursday 4/30 @ 12 pm - NARI Atlanta member Sparks Law Practice presents "Current Opportunities: Partnership Agreements and Market Share Buyouts" Register Here.

Tuesday, April 28

NARI National Webinars

Friday 5/1 @ 12 pm - 11 Things You Need to be Doing in Your Business Right Now - This webinar promises a dynamic presentation by Brad Sugars, founder and chairman of ActionCOACH, best selling author, and #1 Business Coach, as named by Enterpreneur Magazine. Brad will detail 11 structured steps businesses need to take during this crisis. This not-to-be-missed presentation is especially timely if you're adapting or have already adapted your products and/or services during this time of transition. Register Here

Thursday 5/7 @ 12 pm - Designing from a Distance: Working Remotely and Increasing Productivity - A demonstration and discussion that will help your kitchen and bathroom design business succeed in a remote world. Presented by a curated team of design professionals. Register Here

Are you experiencing staffing disruptions? NARI Atlanta Member Sourced. may be able to help!

  • If you have lost full-time staff members, they have accountants, marketers, and assistants at the ready who can work fractionally so your most critical functions can be supported. 

  • If someone on your team has gotten sick and is no longer able to work, they can provide temporary staff to fill in the gap on a short-term basis. 

  • If your financials have been significantly impacted and you need to cut coststhey can provide support that could be more affordable than a traditional full-time or part-time option.

Monday, April 27

What you need to know about the new HR and Payroll policies, including how to achieve 100% loan forgiveness for your PPP loan. Click here for more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been very disruptive to the construction industry. This webinar explains how to work with private inspectors to keep your project moving. The information is intended to help people planning or currently working on a project who now find government offices are closed and services are not available or delivered in a /timely manner. Click here to watch the video. Presented by Ryan Taylor Architects

4 Veteran Pros on How to Bounce Back After a Crisis - Design and building professionals share tips on how they learned resiliency by powering through previous downturns.

Guide to Contracts and Force Majeure During a Pandemic - Understand the force majeure clause and how it applies to contracts you can’t fulfill due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Strategic Planning for Financial Success During the Pandemic - In this webinar, the accounting team at Logistis shares financial strategies to help you strengthen your business.

Articles courtesy of Houzz

Remodelers Advantage podcast The Tim Faller Show celebrates its 100th episode! Click here to listen to Tim and Steve discuss: shifts in the industry from 1-2 person operations to larger design/build firms; the birth of the lead carpenter system; finding good help and building an awesome production team, etc.

Thursday, April 23

Join us tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm for the 2020 National CotY Awards Watch Party

Minimum Basic Operations Required to Reopen Your Business (effective April 24th by executive order of Gov. Brian Kemp)

Tuesday, April 21

Tell Congress to Restore Small Business Funding - U.S. Chamber of Commerce letter-writing campaign. 

Small businesses need all the help they can get to recover. On the front lines are state and local chambers of commerce. It’s important they too receive support from Congress. Last month, the U.S. Chamber joined more than 1,400 associations and nonprofits in asking Congress for relief.

Small businesses form the backbone of America’s economy. Every Member of Congress needs to know they need help today. Lend your voice by writing a letter today.

Webinars this week:

Tuesday 4/21 @ 11 am - "Insulation Installation Information" presented by SouthfaceOutline the key issues and challenges that affect insulation performance. Compare and contrast the “original” RESNET grading system with the new ANSI/RESNET/IECC system. Illustrate “Passing Grade” requirement of 2020 Georgia Energy Code. Assess grading of insulation pictures. Register Here.

Wednesday 4/22 @ 10:30 am - "Managing and Motivating a Team During Coronavirus" presented by U.S. Chamber of Commerce. This installment of Workshop Wednesday will be an audience-driven discussion designed specifically for the small business community. Register Here.

Wednesday 4/22 @ 1 pm - "Using the Right Remodeling Markups During Economic Challenges" presented by Shawn McCadden, with Patrick O'Toole. Should you drop prices right now so you can sell some work during this pandemic? Covering your overhead is an important consideration. You need to know what markup you need to be using before you risk selling something. Stop making the Wild Ass Guess (WAG)! Join this webinar to find out how simple it actually is to determine your minimum markup. Shawn McCadden will also demonstrate and share a tool to help you experiment with different markups so you will know the reality of deviating from the minimum markup your business actually needs to use. Register Here.

Wednesday 4/22 @ 2 pm - "COVID-19 and the Workplace: How to Comply with Rapidly Changing Legislation" presented by ComplyRight and HRdirect. Get expert, up-to-the minute guidance on understanding the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, who is eligible for paid family or sick leave under expanded federal legislation, and more. Register Here.

Thursday 4/23 @ 10 am - "Reveal Product Specifications" presented by Sub-Zero Wolf and Cove. This presentation is an online demonstration on obtaining reveal product specifications. Sub-Zero Wolf and Cove provide details and custom configurations like no other to be able to seamlessly work within your designs. Reveal allows you to group products together to create unique layouts and design, consider flush inset or standard installs, and takes away the headache by figuring out all the measurements for you. If you aren't currently using this tool, you are missing out! Register Here.

Thursday 4/23 @ 12 pm - "6 Ways to Engage Your Customers with Social Media" presented by GoDaddy. Across the country people are hunkered down and communication can be tough. The good news is, there's still social media so you can talk and engage with them. In this one-hour webinar you'll learn tips for: sharing real-time updates, creating a social media calendar, sharing helpful content and videos, building a community through asking and answering questions, and responding to reviews, good or bad. Register Here.

Sunday, April 19

Important tax updates:

IRS Announces New COVID-19-Related Assistance for Taxpayers

The Importance of Accurate Recordkeeping in the Age of COVID-19

3 Action Items to Best Prepare Your Company for a Business Interruption Claim

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) has a website dedicated to COVID-19, tracking spread projections and delivering real-time data. 

Walk-up COVID-19 Testing Sites (free testing provided by Mercy Care)

Monday 4/20, 9 am-12 pm - Crossroads Community Ministries, 420 Courtland St. NE, Atlanta 30308

Tuesday 4/21, 3 pm-8 pm - Safehouse Outreach, 89 Ellis St. NE, Atlanta, 30303

Thursday 4/23, 8:30 am-12 pm - Intown Collaborative Ministries and Mercy Church, 1026 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta 30306

Thursday, April 16

NARI National has released a 7-part video series highlighting relevant business strategies and resources.

Coping with COVID-19: An Employer's Guide to Workplace Stress - latest episode of ADP's HR{preneur} podcast series. 

Wednesday, April 15

No-Touch Forehead Digital Thermometer - Buy Here

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Virtual NARI Nights yesterday! We had a good group and great conversation. It was wonderful to see all of you! Click here to watch the video recording.

Tuesday, April 14

GA Dept. of Labor: Important Rules on Filing Claims During Temporary Shutdowns

The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) has adopted an emergency Rule 300-2-4-0.5 Partial Claims, effective March 16, 2020. The rule mandates all Georgia employers to file partial claims online on behalf of their employees for any week during which an employee (full-time/part-time) works less than full-time due to a partial or total company shutdown caused by the COVID-19 public health emergency. Any employer found to be in violation of this rule will be required to reimburse GDOL for the full amount of unemployment insurance benefits paid to the employee. Download the How Employers File Partial Claims Desk-Aid found on the GDOL Alert Page and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Filing partial claims results in your employees receiving unemployment insurance (UI) benefit payments faster, usually within 48 hours for claims filed electronically. Employees for whom you file a partial claim are NOT required to report to a Georgia Department of Labor career center, register for employment services, or look for other work.

Please continue to monitor the GDOL website ( for any updates to these guidelines.

Quick link to Mandatory and Permissive Building Codes in the State of Georgia.

Guide to CARES Act and Other Federal Relief for Businesses Article courtesy of Houzz

Sunday, April 12

Governor Brian Kemp has extended his "Public Health State of Emergency" executive order until Monday, May 13th at 11:59 pm. The terms of his original order ( shall be used for reference.

Additionally, the "State-wide Shelter In Place" executive order that was set to expire tomorrow, April 13th, as well as the subsequent orders giving enforcement rights to sheriffs and further defining "Essential Services," have all been extended until Thursday, April 30th at 11:59 pm. (Orders;; and respectively)

Friday, April 10

Webinars next week, April 13-17

Wednesday, April 15 @ 12 pm: "Sales and Marketing in a Virtual World: How to Thrive in Today's New Marketplace" Without question, the way business is done in the remodeling space has been dramatically affected in a post Covid-19 world. So, with all that's happening, what can we do to not only attract more customers, but effectively sell to them as well? In this powerful training, we’ll take a deep dive into specific ways you can not only grow your business during this time, but also how to take your business's sales process virtual. Register here.  Sponsored by NARI National  Click here to watch the recording.

Thursday, April 16 @ 10 am: Jennifer Prins with Cambria invites remodelers to the: "Dream Bigger" Zoom Conference Call to learn how you can help your customers finance their remodeling project. As people are spending a lot of time in their homes now, when we reach the other side of this pandemic, people will want to make updates to their homes.  Let's get prepared on how to help them finance these projects. This webinar will share the tools available through Ennerbank - Cambria's partner for their Finance by Cambria Program.  

Join the Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 693 872 6388  

Thursday, April 16 @ 12 pm: "Social Media's Role in Maintaining Your Business During a Pandemic" Register here.

Sandy Springs Building Permit & Construction Restrictions - UPDATED 4/7/20

Thursday, April 9

Click here to view the webinar "FFCRA and CARES Act - Two new federal statutes that will impact your operations." Sponsored by NARI National. 

Wednesday, April 8

Remodeling magazine is tracking state-by-state shelter-in-place mandates and "essential business" classifications. View article

You are encouraged to engage your own legal counsel for any and all legal advice.

Tuesday, April 7

OSHA COVID-19 Official Website - click here

Click here for a list of helpful guidances released by OSHA.

COVID-19 Discovery Workshop  - Wayne Kurzen of The Kurzen Group is offering a FREE 2-hour facilitated brainstorming session with you and your leadership team. The focus wil be: cutting expenses, maintaining cashflow, and finding unique ways to give value to your customers, he'll also take a look at customer retention, your overall contingency plan, and execution techniques. Click here to schedule an introductory call with Wayne.

This week's Webinars and Virtual Get-together's

Tuesday @ 4:30 pm: HR & Payroll Update from ADP - Join the Zoom meeting   (view the presentation)

Wednesday @ 1 pm: Alair Homes "All Partner" Call - Register Here

Thursday @ 12 pm: Protection Loans for Independent Contractors (1099) - Join the Zoom meeting  (Password: SPARKS)

Thursday @ 1 pm: Update from the VP of Small Business Policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Register Here

Thursday @ 5 pm: Conversations with Cambria: Wine to Dine For - Reserve Your Spot

Sunday, April 5

Executive Order To Ensure a Safe & Healthy Georgia effective April 3rd - click here to view

Statewide Shelter-in-Place FAQs

Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers (as referenced in above Executive Order) - click here to view

NARI Atlanta cannot provide legal advice. Members are encouraged to engage their own legal counsel for any and all legal advice.

Rocket Lawyer has several FREE services and document templates to help you address issues you may face during this time, including employee termination letters, work from home agreements, and a guide to help you determine which government relief program is right for your business. Click here for more.

Friday, April 3

We are looking into a legal interpretation as to the exact impact on the remodeling industry as a result of the Executive Order that Governor Kemp signed on April 2nd. We will share that information as it becomes available.

The mandatory statewide Shelter-in-Place order is effective from 6:00pm on April 3rd until 11:59pm on April 13th. The order states that no county or city ordinance may be enforced if it conflicts with the Governor's order. 

If you missed the webinar on the CARES Act, PPP, EIDLs, and what they mean for small businesses - click here to watch it now.

NARI National presented "The Economy in the Time of Virus and How It Might Impact Remodelers" on April 1st. You can view the presentation here.

Thursday, April 2

Join us at noon today for a Q&A session with the team from Sparks Law Practice. They'll go over the recently passed FFCRA and CARES Act and get you up-to-speed on how it will effect your business

Join the Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 373 371 8440 

Click here to view the recording.

And if you can't make it today, NARI National is offering a webinar with the same content tomorrow at 1pm. 

FFCRA and CARES Act - Two federal statutes that will impact your operations
Friday, April 3 at 1pm EDT
Register Here

Click here to view recording.

Wednesday, April 1

Banks will begin taking SBA 7(a) loan applications on Friday, April 3rd

This Friday, April 3, banks will begin taking Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) loan applications under the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program. This $349 billion program will provide much-needed relief to millions of small businesses so they can sustain their businesses and keep their workers employed. Businesses will be moving very quickly to take advantage of this program, and you are strongly encourage to do the same. While $349 billion sounds like a lot of money, it will run out fast. Since every bank should have the same process and the same loan terms, no need to shop. Go directly to the bank that you have a relationship with to apply for the 7(a) loan. Going to your banker should expedite the process. Here is a quick guide on how to apply for the 7(a) loans.

Paycheck Protection Program 7(a) Loans - What You Need to Know

(Moore Colson is NARI Atlanta's accounting firm.)

Alair Homes All Partner Call today at 1pm - sign up here

Tuesday, March 31

Remodelers Advantage presents the BUILD AID Virtual Conference
April 1 & 2 from 10:30am - 7:30pm

Build Aid is a FREE, two-day virtual conference that will “Help Remodelers Survive Now and Thrive After.” Top industry leaders are lined up to provide some great sessions. Topics will range from Cash is King: Creating Cash in a Time of Crisis to How to Increase Profit Margins in Any Scenario -- Even Worst-Case and much more. Learn More and Register.

Alair Homes invites you to participate in their All Partner call, tomorrow, April 1st at 1pm. "These calls are an opportunity to learn together, laugh together and simply help each other. For the coming months, we [Alair Homes] will have construction business owners, industry experts and even life and business coaches sharing strategies to protect and maintain our businesses during these times."  Click here to sign up.

View Invitation

NARI Member Roundtable at 12:30pm

Join the Zoom Call -  (Meeting ID: 373 371 8440)
Paycheck Protection Program FAQs
Active SBA 7(a) Loan Lenders

Watch the 3/31 Roundtable video - click here.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act - A Guide for Small Businesses (from U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Monday, March 30

U.S. Small Business Administration Guidance & Loan Resources

"Essential Business" Qualifications

Most ordinances have some version of the following clause, under their definition of "Essential Businesses" - Plumbers, Electricians, Exterminators and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences and businesses...

Residential construction is certainly a service necessary to maintain the safety and essential operation of a residence.

Live webinar from Sparks Law Practice about the CARES Act (the Senate's $2 Trillion Coronavirus Aid Package) and how it will pertain to small businesses

Tuesday, March 31st at 12pm -

Georgia DOL's Unemployment Emergency Rule (effective March 19th) - "Georgia employers are responsible for filing partial claims online on behalf of their employees if they have found it necessary to temporarily reduce work hours or if they have no work available for a short period of time..."  This article explains the emergency rule and walks you through the filing process. (Moore Colson is NARI Atlanta's accounting firm.)


Friday, March 27

NARI Atlanta member TeamLogic IT wants to help you overcome your working from home struggles. Contact Howard Page at or 770-450-0910 to schedule a free consultation.

Are you struggling with how to run your business remotely? There are number of things to consider and TeamLogic IT is offering a free consultation to help you decide what the best solutions are for your business. It is definitely not a one-size-fits-all world. Some of the issues we'll look at:

How to access your IT resources from home (personal computers or company equipment?, secure access, etc.)

How to manage remote workers; video and audio meeting platforms; Virtual Desktop

Is now the time to move to the cloud? For most businesses, the answer is yes. We can tell you how.

Congress Approves Economic Relief Plan for Individuals and Businesses (CARES Act) - from

"The Economy in the Time of Virus and How it Might Impact Remodelers" webinar with Dr. Chris Kuehl on Wed., April 1 at 1pm. Sponsored by NARI. Register here.

The State License Renewal Deadline is June 30th and at this time has not been extended. The Residential Licensing Board is scheduled to meet on April 22. (2:24pm)

A video message from NARI Atlanta President, Mark Galey, MCR, CRPM

Thursday, March 26

The Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC), of which NARI is a member, has published a Construction Job Site Guidance for CoronavirusThe guidance describes how to prevent worker exposure to coronavirus, protective measures to be taken on the job site, personal protective equipment and work practice controls to be used, cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and what to do if a worker becomes sick. The documents are specifically tailored to construction job sites. Read more...

3 Action Items to Best Prepare for a Business Interruption Claim (Moore Colson is NARI Atlanta's Accounting firm)

NARI member Tom Dwyer, MCR, UDCP shared COVID-19 job site signs that he created. If you need them for your job site(s), just click the link below to download.

COVID-19 Job Warning 

COVID-19 Job Warning (Spanish)

Not A Construction Entrance

Click here for a further explanation of "private plan review and third party inspections" as issued in the Executive Order "Reducing Regulations to Assist the State's Response to the Spread of COVID-19." Article courtesy of Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association.

It is every contractor's responsibility to familiarize themselves with the building codes and regulations in jurisdictions where they are working.

Virus Crisis from a Legal Standpoint - article from Qualified Remodeler

Remodeling Mastery Podcasts:

Leadership During a Pandemic

Survive to Thrive During COVID-19 Pandemic

Wednesday, March 25

We need your help! Make an appeal to congress to include 501(c)(6) non-profit organizations as eligible for the small business loans included in the current "COVID 3" bill. It's easy to submit your appeal online. The form locates your legislators and provides a template letter. NARI and most other trade and professional associations are classified 501(c)(6). 

On Thursday, March 26 at 2 pm, Home Builders Association of GA is hosting a Facebook Live session (Facebook Page @HBAGeorgia) with attorney Simon Bloom of Bloom Parham LLP to address Gov. Kemp's Executive Order regarding private plan reviews and inspections.

UPDATE: IRS extends filing deadline as well as payment deadline to July 15th. Read more...

NARI Atlanta member Sparks Law Practice is providing daily 30-minute webinars, Tuesday-Friday at 12pm EDT, on a variety of topics, including: Workers Comp, Family First Coronavirus Act, Essential HR Policies, and more. All sessions are live on their Facebook page or you can join via Zoom to ask questions.

Watch past webinars:

Workers Comp: How to save 7.5% today

Mindset: It's not a crisis, it's an opportunity to win!

Force Majeure Clause: Who has to pay?

Families First Coronavirus Response Act and How it Can Affect You as a Business Owner or Employee

NARI Atlanta member GuildQuality invites you to take part in a 5-part series called PREVAIL: A COVID-19 Webinar Series, offering solutions to help you protect revenue and margins during this uncertain time and get you prepared to come out stronger on the other side. Q&A is included in each session. Series begins on Thursday, March 26 and registration is limited. Learn more...

Tuesday, March 24

The NARI Atlanta Government Affairs Committee is monitoring the status of the State Contractor License renewal deadline. As of now, no extension has been issued. (3:16pm)

Alair Homes invites you to participate in their weekly All Partner calls, every Wednesday at 1pm EDT. "These calls are an opportunity to learn together, laugh together and simply help each other. For the coming months, we [Alair Homes] will have construction business owners, industry experts and even life and business coaches sharing strategies to protect and maintain our businesses during these times." Click here to sign up.

Monday, March 23

Click here to read the Executive Order issued by Governor Brian Kemp allowing for contractors to hire private building/home inspectors in lieu of mandated waiting times for county/municipality inspections.

It is every contractor's responsibility to familiarize themselves with the building codes and regulations in jurisdictions where they are working.

Private Home Inspector Resources
Georgia Association of Home Inspectors - website 

Alpharetta Property Inspections, LLC - website; 770-913-6214; Kristopher Seguin (co-owner) direct line 470-409-1519

House Master - website; 770-847-0449; Mark Thompson - recommended by NARI member ARTECH Roofing & Construction, LLC

Axios Architecture, LLC - website; 404-636-0611; Steve Robinson AIA (founder) - recommended by NARI member SpeedHeat

*NARI members, send your recommendations to:

The 3rd Annual Brew Bash has been rescheduled for August 11th. All other details remain the same.

Friday, March 20

The IRS Extends the Federal Income Tax Payment Deadline - read this important notice from Moore Colson CPAs and Advisors, NARI Atlanta's accounting firm.

The April 14th NARI Nights meeting has been rescheduled for July 14th. For those of you who already registered, your registration and payment will be applied to the next meeting, currently scheduled for June 9th.

Wednesday, March 18

Qualified Remodeler is offering a webinar on Monday, March 23: "Navigating the COVID-19 Disruption: Strategies to help your company adapt to the Coronavirus situation" - click here to learn more.

Tuesday, March 17

The U.S. Small Business Administration is offering designated states and territories low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Learn more...

Many permit offices are continuing operations online. If you have information to add to this list, please send it to:

Here is a county-by-county list courtesy of GAHBA. 

Alpharetta: The public is reminded that many City services such as filing for most permits, paying utility and tax bills, and reporting service needs such as potholes, code enforcement violations, and traffic issues can always be done online by visiting

City of Atlanta: click here to view the update

Brookhaven: click here for information

Chamblee: Building Permits and Zoning Applications: ; some permits may be submitted online:

Dunwoody: Permits can be filed and inspections can be scheduled online using the following link:

Johns Creek: The Department will not be accepting any new permits (building, land disturbance, fence, trade, special event, etc.) or applications (rezoning and variance) of any kind until further notice. The Department will attempt to continue review and processing of existing permits and applications and conduct building and land inspections within 48 hours upon receiving an inspection request. Please note that daily inspection load may impact response times due to limitation of personnel. We ask for your patience and cooperation during this unprecedented time. 

Marietta: The City of Marietta would like to remind residents, contractors, and businesses that the City has the ability to process all permits through its web-based site plan review and permit application process called Sages:

Roswell: contact the department directly

Sandy Springs: To submit a building permit, view the status of a permit, schedule an inspection, or view the status of a code ordinance violation:  

Smyrna: click here for detailed information

Monday, March 16

The NARI Atlanta office is closed until further notice. Staff will be working remotely and normal business will continue, as is reasonably possible.

At this time, all NARI Atlanta events will be held as planned. We are closely monitoring the spread and local impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and will announce any necessary changes to our schedule here and via email.